• Free delivery in NL starting at €150
  • Free delivery in NL starting at €150

About us

BLENDifferent is a clothingbrand with a casual, street, chic style.

The STAR, everyone of us, is a person who lives by the beat of their own drums, looking good while feeling good, being their best selfs. Being your best self does not only apply to yourself, but also to your contribution to society.

And it is not just about the appearance, but also about feeling good from within. Believing in yourself, loving yourself, exploring ((getting to) know) yourself, nurturing yourself (physically and mentally), depending (first, at least being able to depend) on yourself, be you.

The STAR dress by its mood and does not strictly follow trends, but leads by the occassion it is dressing for. The STAR knows how to wear a tracksuit or a dress casually or for a special occassion, or at least will try it out. The STAR is also those who will wear what is needed to finish a look. Wheter that is combining a women's blouse with a men's trouser.

The STAR will experience that he or she will shine brighter by being yourself, which makes you feel good and makes you look good/better in BLENDifferent.